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10 of Our Favorite Printed Backdrops

wagner rail systems

Indeed, this Wagner Railing Systems booth design created a remarkable selling space. A 240″ wide by 92″ high print filled the booth space with a beautiful image of a light rail installation while still having space for product samples.


A beautiful 120″ wide by 92″ high backdrop that was used in multiple trade shows and events currently resides at Rentalan office lobby.


Wild Cats Tv needed a new studio backdrop, and it turned out spectacular. This print was not our standard size, but rather the set is made of 2 prints 35″ by 90″ and one panel of 45″ by 90″ and is attached with grommets. We can print any size to fit our customer needs.

Another fun print, thanks to Project 938 for letting us be a part of your community. Because we worked so hard to get the truest blackest black we printed many swatches and looked at them in a variety of lighting situations. We ware able to get the perfect print.
This is the first of 19 prints for a youth center’s walls, the kids had lots of fun taking selfies with this vibrant print as a background.


A simple but very impactful backdrop. The green matched perfectly to the carpet of the trade show – certainly tied the booth together. Our design team can match any Pantone color. Let us know in advance about how you are planning on using the custom print as well as your company color specification. This is the key for a fast turn around time and a perfect print.


Our manufacturing friends are always on point.
Yet another colorful print for a bridal show. That truly encapsulate modern wedding trends.
No one can resist the chocolate goodness because this print turned out so sweet.



White Halloween coming up now is the time to get a themed backdrop. Check out this print for an office party.
Start your backdrop design today! We have a team of designers ready to assist you. Simply fill out free mock-up form and we will be happy to help. Further more upon submission of your information, you will receive a mock-up of your booth – a very accurate representation of what your print will look like.