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Does Size Matter? The Perfect Step and Repeat Logo

Step and repeat backdrops are great for branding and exposure. Making a memorable impression on clients as well as preparing them for what to expect. Branding involves advertising, product consistency, customer service, merchandise, giveaways, promotions, and more. Advertising is one of the essential pillars of branding and step and repeats are a great tool. Ideally, step and repeat backdrops are used as a photo opportunity and then the images are shared on social media bringing more viewership and recognition of the brand.

The Size

Logo step and repeats are versatile you can display at a conference, trade shows, expos and number of other events. Knowing what type of event you are creating the step and repeat for helps a lot in designing it. But what ultimately decides the size of the logos is the people in front.

The best size for big groups of people is large logos with generous spacing where the photographer would have to zoom out to capture everyone and reveal a recognizable logo. Smaller logos work great when taking close-ups of one to two people.

The Pattern

If you don’t know the feel of the event and can’t figure out what size of logos to use just setting a large image in the middle of a small logo step and repeat pattern can solve the problem.

step and repeat examples with a center logo

Choose a pattern to symbolize relationships between partners when dealing with multiple logos. Portraying one logo more prominent then the rest will give the impression of a parent company and having two logos the same size and space around suggest a partnership.

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