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Valance Hangers (Pair)


Valance Hangers attach to existing adjustable or fixed height uprights for hanging layers of drape or banners. Valance Hangers are 3in in size and can be placed in the slots of your upright. This product is used frequently in trade shows to distinguish drape in booths and hang signage.

Sold in pairs

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Valance Hangers attach into the slots on existing adjustable or fixed height uprights. They are used to hang an additional drape support in front of the already existing support to create layers of drape or to hang banners in front of your drape wall. Valance Hangers are 3in in length. This product is perfect for party/wedding planners who create unique draping and design. This accessory piece is used frequently at trade shows to place signage in your booth.

Valance Hangers Can Be Used to Hang a Custom Backdrop

Attach valance hangers to an additional pipe and drape system in order to quickly hang a custom fabric backdrop.


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