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Our CEB LITE Kit 10FT Backdrop Display provides you with a custom printed backdrop featuring grommets along the top to easily hang to an existing booth using universal hooks (sign hooks).  The most compact, this kit folds down to fit in a small tote or even your suitcase and allows you to conveniently store, transport, and attach to any existing pipe and drape system.

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It’s time to discover a Better Way to Display™.

  • 8′ H X 10′ W fully assembled
  • 5lbs

We’ve revolutionized exhibiting at trade shows by utilizing the full space of your booth with crowd stopping graphics that simply attach to the existing pipe and drape framework of your trade show booth. One person can set up this display in minutes by placing the attachment hooks in the grommets located across the top of this backdrop to attach it over the drape support on an existing booth.  So compact, you can fit this in a small Tote Bag or you pack it directly in your suitcase for overnight shows.  There’s no other display this compact that when set up can display your message across the entire back wall of your exhibit.  Your booth neighbors will be envious when they see how quickly you’ll be able to set up and tear down your booth, and walking out at show close with everything in one bag!

We print your images directly on fabric using a process called Dye Sublimation that bonds your image permanently to the fabrics so it can be washed, folded and conveniently stored without cracking or fading, best of all it’s wrinkle resistant so it will hang beautifully each time it’s displayed.  This backdrop will also feature 11 evenly spaced grommets along the top, one every foot, so when hung you won’t have any sag across the middle.

What also sets us apart from other display companies is our creativity.  We know you may not have a graphics department or the time to come up with a show-stopping display.  That’s where we come in.  We have a team of graphic artists who will work with you to help you design your backdrop as part of the kit price.

If are looking for something you can fit in a bag or suitcase that attaches to a trade show booth, this is the best kit for you.  If you find that you attend some shows that just provide you with a table or just floor space you may want to explore our CEB PLUS Kit that contains a compact frame.

CEB LITE Kit Setup Instructions

This Kit Includes:

Designed for a 10′ x 10′ exhibit booth


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