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News Studio Backgrounds and Printed Fabrics

Whether or not you’re a big TV news studio, working with your school or university news team, or otherwise involved in covering events – you know that the perfect backdrop is vital! A lot of people opt to go digital nowadays, but sometimes that is not an option. If you’re looking for something that is easy to set up, can be portable or permanent, and is bright, vibrant, and will not fade over time. You might want to consider getting a printed news backdrop.

Studio backdrops are on the rise. Above all it is a cheap and versatile way to change it up for your viewers.



Fox News

On national bowling day, August 12th, Fox and friend invited Kelly Kulick a professional bowling champion to teach the host some new bowling moves. Fox chose our backdrops as decor for their show. Click Here to see this backdrop in action!?
national bowling day backdop

In conclusion, printed fabrics are everywhere! It is an inspiring time to be in the printing business. We are witnessing a new trend – the rise of printing on cloth. This fabric is hard to tear it is washable, lightweight, easy to transport. We offer a blackout option as well. The uses are endless from the trade show floor to photo booths, and now you can see it on your TV screen.

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