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More than one way to hang

Just like there are many ways to bake a cake, there is more than one way to hang a backdrop. The way you exhibit at a trade show is evolving and there is no longer a standard booth. We cater to all types of shows, but some don’t provide exhibitors with proper hardware. Our table CEB has multiple options to combat that issue.


1. Universal Clamp + a Drape Support









We use this method when exhibiting with a CEB Kit Fabric Display. The universal clamp attaches firmly to any pipe regardless of the upright pipe’s diameter. Attaching the clamp allows you to hang a second drape support off the existing framework. The clamp is also perfect for drape layering, making display drape taught, or creating different heights on one setup. Our drape comes with 4-inch pockets top and bottom, the pocket is a perfect fit for our foldable drape support as well as our regular drape support. The bottom pocket allows the fabric to be taught with some extra clamps and a drape support.


2. Grommets + Hooks









Another great way to hang a backdrop is with grommets and hooks. This is the way we hang our most practical, compact, and affordable kit:  CEB Lite Kit Backdrop Display. This kit provides you with a custom printed backdrop featuring grommets along the top and universal hooks (sign hooks) in order to easily hang your kit to an existing booth. Very compact, this kit folds down to fit in a small tote or even your suitcase and allows you to conveniently store, transport, and attach to any existing pipe and drape system.


3. Free Standing Frame









Sometimes a trade show will not provide you with any pipe or drape. Our CEB Plus Kit is the entire system that solves that problem. It contains everything you need to make a freestanding display and is able to break apart into manageable and carryable pieces. The kit also includes the attachment hardware, so if there is existing hardware already, you can simply attach the kit to that. This ensures that the system is foolproof, even for one person to set up on their own.

No matter which way you choose to hang, happy exhibiting!