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Get the Most of Your Free Mockup and Our Graphic Design Team.

As you should know by now any time you request a free mockup, we have a graphic design team on staff who works directly with you – the client – to create an exciting attention-grabbing backdrop for any show or event.

Tell us about your project or, how are you planning to use the backdrop?

It will be of great help for our designers to know how are you using the backdrop. Are you displaying it at a trade show? That will dictate the placement of images information and web address usually tradeshow exhibitors have a table about 3 ft. tall in the booth, knowing this the artist can plan and move all relevant info and images above the 3ft mark. Displaying at a party or outside my indicated that the backdrop should be an inch shorter in order not to touch the floor and prevent dirt from staining the bottom.

The devil in the details

To get the most out of our designers please share with us some images/websites/social media posts that you think are well designed even if the images do not apply directly to your project. It will help to understand your graphic design style and expectations helping us create something you absolutely love. You can use Pinterest or Behance for inspiration.

style examples

SIZE Size size

Tell us what size your backdrop needs to be. On our mockup form, we have your standard booth size. Not to be confused with backdrop sizes. Your booth will dictate the size of your backdrop, but if you are not exhibiting at a booth let us know.

size example

Attachment methods

That is another important one that I can’t stress enough knowing in advance if you have the existing kit or if you are planning to use grommets and hooks or do you have your hardware, and you need a specific size to cover it. Knowing this in advance will speed up the design process as well as minimize mistakes.

attachment methods

Ready to fill the form? Here it is