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The Feng Shui booth display

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I don’t know if you believe in the Fengshui movement of natural energy, but ancient people sure did. Referred to as Chinese geometry, Fengshui translated means the movement of wind and water and claims to have channeled natural energy forces and movement to harmonize one’s body or space. It is closely linked to Daoism, a philosophy emphasizing living in harmony and balance. Using some of these eastern philosophies can help in the design of your trade show booth.

 A Booth Display At First Glance

When first approaching the booth a few things are very important

  • Marked Entrance
  • Clutter-Free Environment
  • Bright Lighting
  • Vibrant Colors

Keeping all that in mind we suggest our CEB kit as a great tool to help declutter your booth as well as bring vibrant colors to your display.

The Lingerer

The ideal booth should feel inviting, there are very few times in life where you would want people to linger, the trade show is one. Plan your display with enough linger room because as a rule, the most people show up when you are unavailable to talk to them. An approachable booth not only is planed with a waiting room in mind but there is always some entertainment to distract the customer while they linger. That could be anything from a giveaway sign up sheet or a new product spec sheet.

The Colors

Most importantly is the feel of balanced energy, Fengshui insists that every color has a meaning. This chart gives some idea of what emotions color erupts.

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The Energy

Bottom line, balance your display with, well-lighted and neat so the energy flow is not stagnant. Plan the waiting area well, and orientation is also something to think about. Ideally, according to Fengshui, the entrance of the booth should face west, but it’s up to you how literal you get with it. Make your booth warm and more inviting and approachable with bright lights and colors matched according to your product’s energy.

Let us help you see your perfect booth display by feeling in this form. 


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