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Curtains vs. Drapes

.curtains vs. drapes

Are they curtains or are they drapes? Now, we can print on almost anything with the process of dye sublimation, but for the record, we don’t print on curtains we print on drapes! What is the difference you may ask?


Most people think curtains and drapes refer to the same thing and yes, in fact, they do share some similar features. But few people know that there is a difference not only by definition but by use as well. Curtains are lighter, made of thin, sometimes see-through material like sheer. Because of the nature of the fabric curtains are not to be used for privacy, the fabric that they are made from is not supposed to block light and its purpose is pure decoration. (our boss even has some in his office to “brighten up the place”).


Drapes, on the other hand, are made from a thicker, heavier fabric where light doesn’t pass through as easily. That is why they are great for printing graphics. The drape fabrics also have different white points. Our fabric has the highest white point in the industry so our graphics appear brighter and more realistic.  Although our standard drapes do a pretty good job with blocking light, heat, noise, and providing privacy. We even offer a variety of heavy-duty blackout and sound blocking fabric. Drapes are high-quality and are usually more expensive than curtains. A lot of companies offer cheap exhibit backdrops because they print on curtain fabrics and at a well-lit trade show your booth will look well… cheap. So if you’re interested, get a free printed sample of our drape fabric.