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Building Your Best Trade Show Booth Display

booth display idea

On the busy trade show floor, the visual impact of your booth display is what sets you apart. A successful display should be part branding, part psychology, part art, and part messaging. That’s where we step in. We help your display. We make sure your message is clear and elicits positive emotional responses through beautiful imagery and visuals.

The Branding

Branding does not just mean a logo, there is a lot more to it. It is a system of elements that speaks to your audience with a specific tone. Choosing the right elements to cohesively describe your products and services while keeping consistency across mediums is essential to preventing a fragmented experience. Ads, taglines, messaging, graphic elements, font choices, and mascots are all part of your brand. They’ll need to work in unison to draw consumers to your product while providing a personal experience that they enjoy.

The Psychology 

As human beings with working sensory systems, everything affects us – from colors to the usage of space, to body language and environmental surroundings. It is all mostly subconscious. People may prefer Target over other stores, but they can’t really tell you why. Is it the well-lit clean space or the red, playful elements vibrantly decorated throughout the store? Maybe it’s the clean product shelves and customer service? It’s all of these, but sometimes the customer just walks out feeling happy, without even realizing it shapes the way we live, work, and of course how we shop. Creating a booth display with the buyer’s experience in mind is a huge part of influencing buying decisions. Not just creating a cool display, but thinking about the user’s problems and solving them in advance.

The Art of the Display

Knowing what’s trendy is important. Tying trends to your booth display concepts are key, but art is not just what’s trendy or popular; it’s style and attaching meaning. Yes, it’s nice to be trendy, but what is this particular trend say about your company? Doing something just because it’s cool does not get you the recognition. This year it has become trendy for brands to take a stand. Could your brand benefit form that how can it handles thinking of all the options? In terms of color it is the year of pinks and purples. Those colors are linked to fun and creativity, which usually is a great thing. However, using it in a serious marketing campaign may hinder your image as a respectable brand.

The Message

Your message isn’t just about what you say, but how you say it. Engage your audience by eliciting an emotional response from them. It makes your business feel more human and less like a machine after their money. How do you do this? Investigate who is going to be at the show and craft your message to be relevant to your audience. Know the demographics. Research what specific problems your audience is facing to address the pain points your product/services will alleviate. Craft headlines and messaging that highlight the most relevant benefits to them.

You’ll want to do this for each specific type of show you exhibit at. Sure, while reusing banners displays can save money, a one-size-fits-all approach can alienate potential customers or leave some feel completely uninterested. By using multiple tailored messages, you’re more likely to successfully engage a wider net of your target audiences.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind we are incredibly visual beings. Colors and images can affect our behavior. Create your display with a cohesive concept in mind and a crafted message catered to the specific show audience. Consider your exhibit space and really think about how your customers are going to use it. We have experts that can help you win at the trade show. Fill out our form here and our team of designers will gladly put together a backdrop for your booth display.

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Much Ado About Banners

church banner production

Hanging fabric banners are the least expensive way to brand a trade show booth. Just as you are hanging signs on the existing trade show hardware, you can hang fabric. Custom fabric banners hang way better than vinyl and will not crack or peel. Therefore they are washable and dye sublimated. Pack and transport is a breeze the banners will fit in your suitcase with ease.


sample banner sizes

What is a banner? A banner can be any size, any shape in other words as long as it is displaying your message it is a banner. We offer a variety of standard sizes and attachment options. But you can always contact us with your unique project by filling up this form. The maximum printable area ranges up to 120 inches subsequently the roll is 300ft. Ink is fast drying, vivid, long-lasting, washable and environmentally friendly. See all of our standard banner sizes here.

Methods of Attachments

grommets and pockets

In terms of methods of attachment, we have a couple of options. Banners come standard with grommets – in each corner or grommets all around. Each grommeted banner is packed and shipped with a set of hundred sign hooks. However, if you are displaying in a pipe and drape environment, you might want to go with a 4in pole pockets on top and bottom as well. The 4in pockets are a standard for trade show and work great with the existing pipe, or if you decide to purchase a CEB Kit which comes with 2 clamps and drape support to layer your banner on top of the existing drape.

banner examples

Besides for trade show and expos, banners can be used as way-finding systems, storefronts, conveying information and advertising.

Above Booth Banner Kits

If you are looking for a bit more visibility in your booth, we also have banner kits. The kit includes a base and a telescoping upright that can extend up to 14ft.

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Fabric Mural Walls & Custom Projects

We regularly develop and produce new fabric projects. We know there is no one size solution when it comes to tradeshow and event displays. Having an in-house sewing team, and a graphics design team along with our ability to print wide-format comes in handy. Giving us the flexibility to produce pretty much anything you imagine. Therefore we do have the resource available bring your customer the fabric solution for their space, trade show booth or event display.


We use a pipe and drape system which refers to pipe (aluminum or steel), fixed or adjustable telescoping vertical uprights. Supported by a weighted steel base. Also, adjustable telescopic or fixed horizontal pipes that provide a drape support frame with removable drape panels.

print examples

Materials and Printing

However, we print on 100% soft knit polyester fabric through a dye sublimation process. Dye sublimation uses heat to bond the image onto the material resulting in photo-quality graphics. That process creates stunning colors and in fact dyes the fabric threads. The printed fabric panels are washable in cold water and reusable. Furthermore, the fabric has a certified FR rating fire certificate.

fabric print


We have noticed that walls, fences, columns are all often underutilized branding and advertising opportunities. Take a creative approach to your walls and consider covering these spaces with printed fabric. Turn that fence into a …beautiful work of art, informational branding, event backdrop, directional signage, scenic stage backdrop, wayfinding system and many more.

product line

Start your project today! When you fill out our project form, a graphic design professional will help you to realize your image. When filling out, please be descriptive in the “Tell us about your project” section. It really helps to let us know how you are planning to use your drape. As well as where are you setting up, your hardware specifications (if you have any). It would certainly help when you feature some of your favorite designers or artwork even your visually favorite website. In our blog, we also have a guide on how to get the most of our design services. Give it a read.

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NEW!!! Custom Printed Spandex Table Cover

spandex table cover

World rejoice! Now we print on Spandex. We are proud to announce our new Custom Printed Spandex Table Covers. Five-sided printing, wrinkle-free, dye sublimated spandex table covers. Available in all the trade show standard sizes for 4ft, 6ft or 8ft table, and width of 24in or 30in, and with three different options at no additional cost: regular, open-back or zipper-back. See it to believe it.


  • Regular – Traditional spandex cover where the edges come close to the ground on each side.
  • Open Back – Designed for someone to comfortably sit on the other side. The back has a higher arch.
  • Zippered Back – A vertical zipper is featured along the back so it can be easy to open for storing items under the table.
spandex table cover

Custom Design

  • Illustrator and Photoshop templates are available.
  • We do offer graphic design help.
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