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Design terms explained for non-designers

As you know we offer a free graphic design service. When you need a fresh design for your trade show backdrop we got you covered. Here are some design terms that can help when talking to our designers.

Resolution Terms

DPI, Raster, Vector, Enhance


Resolution refers to the amount of information an image includes. Low-resolution images appear blurred and pixelated. DPI is the measurement for resolution, or in other words, Dots Per Inch. The higher the number the better. It prints up until 300dpi and resolutions of lower or higher dpi will appear blurred. Printers still use dot pattern to transfer an image onto paper (or in our case fabric) so 300dpi means there are 300 dots in one inch of space which is ideal for print. However, 200dpi means 200 dots per inch and in most cases that will appear blurred.


We prefer to print Vector images because in a vector image the dots are mathematically calculated when it is scaled up so it always appears perfectly, no matter if you print the same image as an inch by inch or a 100ft by 100ft. Raster images are made of a series of pixels and scaling up usually yields a pixelated or blurred image. Enhancing an image refers solely to making a raster image brighter or using the contrast. Anyways, there is no software that can make a 2in by 2in 15o dpi image print any bigger than that.

Body Copy

Another well-used design term is body copy. It simply means the main text or content of a particular project or publication, website or brochure.


Color Palette

Matching colors chosen for your design. Choosing colors is important different colors have different emotions attached to them – Monochromatic.


Pantone (PMS)

The Pantone Color Matching System is largely a standardized color reproduction system. Moreover, by standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure their true colors match without direct contact with one another.


Stock Photos

Stock Photography is the supply of high-quality photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses. Here is an example of a stock photography site:  This is one of the very few free stock sites.


The style and appearance of print matters: At 3 to 5 feet away, text should be at least half an inch tall to ensure readability. That is anywhere between 24pt -36pt and up. Sans Serifs has a bit more detail, so they need to be displayed a bit bigger.


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10 of Our Favorite Printed Backdrops

wagner rail systems

Indeed, this Wagner Railing Systems booth design created a remarkable selling space. A 240″ wide by 92″ high print filled the booth space with a beautiful image of a light rail installation while still having space for product samples.


A beautiful 120″ wide by 92″ high backdrop that was used in multiple trade shows and events currently resides at Rentalan office lobby.


Wild Cats Tv needed a new studio backdrop, and it turned out spectacular. This print was not our standard size, but rather the set is made of 2 prints 35″ by 90″ and one panel of 45″ by 90″ and is attached with grommets. We can print any size to fit our customer needs.

Another fun print, thanks to Project 938 for letting us be a part of your community. Because we worked so hard to get the truest blackest black we printed many swatches and looked at them in a variety of lighting situations. We ware able to get the perfect print.
This is the first of 19 prints for a youth center’s walls, the kids had lots of fun taking selfies with this vibrant print as a background.


A simple but very impactful backdrop. The green matched perfectly to the carpet of the trade show – certainly tied the booth together. Our design team can match any Pantone color. Let us know in advance about how you are planning on using the custom print as well as your company color specification. This is the key for a fast turn around time and a perfect print.


Our manufacturing friends are always on point.
Yet another colorful print for a bridal show. That truly encapsulate modern wedding trends.
No one can resist the chocolate goodness because this print turned out so sweet.



White Halloween coming up now is the time to get a themed backdrop. Check out this print for an office party.
Start your backdrop design today! We have a team of designers ready to assist you. Simply fill out free mock-up form and we will be happy to help. Further more upon submission of your information, you will receive a mock-up of your booth – a very accurate representation of what your print will look like.
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The journey for an awesome booth

Let us take you on a journey and show you how through simple interaction we build amazing booths. It all started with a phone call. TrustWorkz contacted one of our top sales reps, JoAnna, with a simple request. They needed a backdrop for their next show, even more, they needed a table runner as well. A bit about TrustWorkz:  They develop personalized web strategies tailored to the unique needs of their clients. So, they not only wanted to look good on the trade show floor but they also wanted to reach new customers.

How We Got Started

TrustWorkz chose for their booth our CEB kit 10ft, (our best seller – a compact kit that when set up can display any message across the entire space of an exhibit). The kit contains a custom printed backdrop and hardware. Allowing anyone to conveniently attach the fabric backdrop to any existing pipe and drape system as well as store and transport it.

We received their logos and they also sent photos as well as inspirational images. A style guide was sent as well that supported their brand and conveyed an appropriate message. So we got to work. The images provided ware also high quality so it was very easy to work with them (thankfully the logos submitted ware vector versions).

Trust workz logo Trust workz logo

Trust workz logo


Mock-Up Delivered

The backdrop was approved immediately following on our mock-up (TrustWorkz was very specific in their vision of the backdrop). However, the table runner needed some extra work. The logo did not have enough contrast with the background or as a TrustWorkz representative put it: “The logo did not pop.” So, we rendered a new variety of options for different typography treatments as well as different image color saturation.

Trust workz mockup Trust workz mockup






However, the table runner needed some extra work. The logo did not have enough contrast with the background or as a TrustWorkz representative put it: “The logo did not pop.” So, we rendered a new variety of options for different typography treatments as well as different image color saturation.

Trust workz mockup

The Final Booth

In the end, we got a great customer and TrustWorkz got an amazing backdrop, don’t you think? If you are interested in what your own booth could look like, simply fill out this form here.

the booth

Happy Exhibiting!

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Remedies for trade show feet

happy feet

If you have ever gone to a trade show as an exhibitor you know what I am talking about when I mention “Trade show feet “. Manning the booth for hours can kill your feet.  Choosing the wrong shoes can exacerbate the condition too (read our trade show floor style guide to find out more about comfy shoes). With all that being said here are some tips on minimizing the problem.


Standing in one place for a long time will cause leg fatigue and swollen ankles. Moving is essential to prevent further damage. Exercising your knees, and flexing and extending can provide a lot of relief. Or take a short walk every so often even if it is just going to the bathroom. Try toe rises as well as ankle twirling ten to fifteen times each. If you have the opportunity platform heel drops are ideal. Also, practice your balance by raising one foot, and bending at the knee with the other.

sample feet exercises


We can’t stress this enough, get your water people! It is essential to have 8 to 10 glasses of water. It does sound odd, but getting enough to drink will stop your ankles from swelling. A well-hydrated body doesn’t need to hold on to fluids.  If you are not a water fan other means of staying hydrated are eating ice chips, eating foods that have high water content, or drinking other fluids. Also, it is of great help if you opt for low sodium foods. Supplement your meal with potassium and magnesium-rich foods like bananas and nuts.


The socks, the shoes, the feet.

Completions socks are widely available and can do a lot of good especially combined with the right shoes. And let’s not forget the magical power of a hot Epson salt soak. Be nice to your feet, share with us how you combat trade show feet.

Happy Exhibiting,