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Building Your Best Trade Show Booth Display

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On the busy trade show floor, the visual impact of your booth display is what sets you apart. A successful display should be part branding, part psychology, part art, and part messaging. That’s where we step in. We help your display. We make sure your message is clear and elicits positive emotional responses through beautiful imagery and visuals.

The Branding

Branding does not just mean a logo, there is a lot more to it. It is a system of elements that speaks to your audience with a specific tone. Choosing the right elements to cohesively describe your products and services while keeping consistency across mediums is essential to preventing a fragmented experience. Ads, taglines, messaging, graphic elements, font choices, and mascots are all part of your brand. They’ll need to work in unison to draw consumers to your product while providing a personal experience that they enjoy.

The Psychology 

As human beings with working sensory systems, everything affects us – from colors to the usage of space, to body language and environmental surroundings. It is all mostly subconscious. People may prefer Target over other stores, but they can’t really tell you why. Is it the well-lit clean space or the red, playful elements vibrantly decorated throughout the store? Maybe it’s the clean product shelves and customer service? It’s all of these, but sometimes the customer just walks out feeling happy, without even realizing it shapes the way we live, work, and of course how we shop. Creating a booth display with the buyer’s experience in mind is a huge part of influencing buying decisions. Not just creating a cool display, but thinking about the user’s problems and solving them in advance.

The Art of the Display

Knowing what’s trendy is important. Tying trends to your booth display concepts are key, but art is not just what’s trendy or popular; it’s style and attaching meaning. Yes, it’s nice to be trendy, but what is this particular trend say about your company? Doing something just because it’s cool does not get you the recognition. This year it has become trendy for brands to take a stand. Could your brand benefit form that how can it handles thinking of all the options? In terms of color it is the year of pinks and purples. Those colors are linked to fun and creativity, which usually is a great thing. However, using it in a serious marketing campaign may hinder your image as a respectable brand.

The Message

Your message isn’t just about what you say, but how you say it. Engage your audience by eliciting an emotional response from them. It makes your business feel more human and less like a machine after their money. How do you do this? Investigate who is going to be at the show and craft your message to be relevant to your audience. Know the demographics. Research what specific problems your audience is facing to address the pain points your product/services will alleviate. Craft headlines and messaging that highlight the most relevant benefits to them.

You’ll want to do this for each specific type of show you exhibit at. Sure, while reusing banners displays can save money, a one-size-fits-all approach can alienate potential customers or leave some feel completely uninterested. By using multiple tailored messages, you’re more likely to successfully engage a wider net of your target audiences.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind we are incredibly visual beings. Colors and images can affect our behavior. Create your display with a cohesive concept in mind and a crafted message catered to the specific show audience. Consider your exhibit space and really think about how your customers are going to use it. We have experts that can help you win at the trade show. Fill out our form here and our team of designers will gladly put together a backdrop for your booth display.