We offer three types of kits that all basically do the same thing – they display that printed backdrop BIG across the entire selling space. Our LITE Kits and our original CEB Kit do that by attaching the graphics directly to the booth provided at your show, simple right? But say where you’re going is a table top trade show, or just floor space in a hotel conference type setting? That’s why we have the PLUS Kit. This kit includes a freestanding frame that’s super portable but it can also attach to a booth so no mater what the exhibit setting, you’ll stand out.


No matter which kit you pick, you, yes YOU, can set it up in MINUTES NOT HOURS like those complicated pop ups or finicky pull up stands that always seem to break at the most inconvenient times. No tool required. Simple frame on the CEB PLUS kit, Simple attachments on the LITE and CEB kits.

Because it sets up and tears down in minutes you can save time, so much time! You might even make happy hour before you have to drive home of catch that flight – cheers to that! It’s so fast and simple, you’ll be in last one to the show and the first one out. Your booth neighbors will be SO JEALOUS (just give them our card – wink wink)


Again, because it attached directly to the booth or sets up on a frame that collapsed down it’s ULTRA portable. You can just carry it in, and carry it out.


2 min. – Everything you need to know about CEB kits

30 sec. – Fast, Easy set up and breakdown


30 sec. – A complete exhibit in one compact package


30 sec. – Big visual impact proven to drive results


30 sec. – See how easy they are to set up

30 sec. – Discover how portable

30 sec. – Free design services

30 sec. – Our Best Seller – CEB PLUS Kit