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How I (And My Feet) Survived My First Trade Show

the trade show floor

Well, my time had come, and finally, after years in the industry, I went to a trade show for the first time as an exhibitor and I lived to tell about it. I am usually behind a screen designing printed fabrics for trade show displays. Having the opportunity to see my designs in the wild was so exciting. While preparing for the show, everyone I spoke with stated one thing in agreeance “Wear comfortable shoes.” Even our blog has a post about it. Hearing so much about it, made me do some research. What I got was more than comfy shoes. I found help. 

Know Your Feet

Do you have high arches or maybe flat feet, are you perhaps prone to planters fasciitis? Finding insoles to best support you while standing for a long time on the show floor is a must even if your company is kind and has ordered carpet for your booth, it is still not enough cushion. Work from within and get fitted with a great pair of support. For my first show, I got a the DR. SCHOLL’S ® arch support courtesy to my flat soles. 

shoe examples

More Help – Supplements

Standing up for an extended period leads to low blood pressure it is harder on your blood vessels and heart to keep up with blood circulation, and as a result, less oxygen goes to your system, and your feet swell or experience lower-limb muscle fatigue. To avoid all that, I prepared with an amino acid L-ARGANIN. It is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps blood vessels relax and also improves circulation. It brings more oxygen to the extremities and prevents swelling and fatigue.

To my surprise, it did, in fact, work. By the end of the Trade show day, I did not feel like my feet ware made of concrete. I felt light as a feather. Because arginine also helps your kidneys filter toxins better, you should always dring plenty of water with it. I also took Turmeric Chocolate Supplement. Turmeric is an ancient superfood known for easing inflammation and boosting brain function. Wrap that in chocolate, and it’s a no brainer! 

chocolate supplement

After Care

Despite everything being at the trade show all day still takes a tole. Everyone knows to soak tired feet in warm water, but I went one step further, I brought with me a vile of tiger balm! Tiger Balm works by tricking nerve endings with cooling and heating sensations, interrupting other signals from muscle pain or itchy insect bites. It is much stronger than most similar products on the market. After going back to the hotel room, I would rub some on my heal and put up my feet for fifteen minutes to decompress.

In conclusion, when you know you will be standing up for long periods of time, be prepared, know your feet, take a supplement, and treat your self like the true trade show athlete that you are.