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A Guide To Our Most Popular Backdrop Kits

Let’s start from the beginning – CEB stands for Custom Exhibit Backdrops, and that is what we do. Hence we print large graphics on fabric mainly for trade shows and events. In this post, we break down for you our three most popular backdrop kits that are easy to use and easy to buy.

We print your images directly on durable and wrinkle-resistant fabric through the process of Dye Sublimation. So the image is bonded permanently so it can be washed, folded and conveniently stored without cracking or fading, and so it will hang beautifully each time it’s displayed.

The Standard – CEB Kit

ceb backdrop kit

The way it works is by attaching the valance hangers to the slots of the existing uprights of your booth, then draping the backdrop through the quickfold support and attaching the ends of the quickfold support to the valance hangers. In case the top slots of the uprights are damaged we included multi-purpose connectors to attach at the top of the upright.

The CEB kit consists of

valace hangers vs. connectors

The free-standing display – CEB PLUS KIT

plus backdrop kit

The plus backdrop kit has a frame to help you display your fabric backdrop in an environment that does not have pipe and drape like an event or a tabletop show, or it can be used as a stand-alone photo opportunity at weddings.

The Plus Kit includes:

To put the kit together, first, screw the pins into the bases put the uprights on it drape the printed fabric on the quickfold support and attach the hook ends to the upright’s slots.

setting up a plus backdrop kit

The Lite Kit

lite backdrop kit

The Lite Kit also attaches to the existing pipe and drape and is our most economical option. It attaches to existing pipe and drape via grommets and hooks.

The lite kit includes:

Furthermore, the grommets are evenly spaced placed along the top, one every foot, so when hung you won’t have any sag across the middle resulting in 11 grommets at the top. So we have different colors to best match your display bronze, silver, gold, and black. Our 10ft kit comes with 20 sign hooks and our 20ft kit comes with 40 hooks. It folds down and conveniently fits in a tote bag you can take anywhere with you.

Designers at bay

Now that you know about our kits let us help you design your backdrop. Always let us know if you are having trouble with your artwork and need some help you can start the design process here.